The Gospel according to Matthew makes an impor­tant claim: Jesus Christ fulfills all the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah. This Good News is not simply for the Jews, but for everyone in the world, too.

Matthew organized his Gospel carefully. The early chapters cover the birth, baptism, and early temptations of Jesus. Then Matthew describes the ministry of Jesus—His teaching, preaching, and healing. The Gos­pel ends with the events leading to His crucifix­ion, burial, and resurrection.

Jesus is presented as the Great Teacher—the au­thoritative interpreter of the law of Moses.

Matthew di­vides the teachings of Jesus into five collections:

  • The Ser­mon on the Mount, including the Beatitudes;
  • The in­structions for the twelve disciples as they begin their mission;
  • The parables of the Kingdom;
  • His teachings on the meaning of discipleship; and, finally,
  • Christ’s teach­ing about the end of the age and the coming kingdom of glory.

As one of Christ’s disciples, Matthew heard the teachings of Jesus firsthand. That fact alone makes the Gospel of Matthew a thing to be studied and treasured.