The Gospel of Mark was written by John Mark, whose mother was an active member of the early Chris­tian church. Her special contribution was to open her home for local church meetings.

Mark was well acquainted with the leaders of the church, including Paul and Peter. He accompanied Paul on one of his missionary journeys and seems to have been converted by Peter. And there’s evidence that much of what Mark tells us about Jesus he learned di­rectly from Peter.

Bible translators often begin with the book of Mark when they translate the New Testament. It is short and easy to read in one sitting. The sentences are factual and to the point. Mark often uses words like “im­mediately” and “forthwith.” It’s the gospel of action, em­phasizing the deeds of Jesus more than His teachings.

Mark’s personal story is also encouraging. Rejected by Paul for a second missionary journey, Mark neverthe­less wrote an account of Jesus that God has used to convert many to the Christian faith.